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Andrew is the heartbeat of the creative side of Electric Pineapple – Classically trained, multi-instrumentalist award winning composer and producer with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the music industry, having expertise not only in business but across all aspects of music. Using his state of the art high spec studio space in the London’s world famous tile yard he has a relentless pursuit for creating music of the highest possible standards, so every track exceeds personal and professional expectation. 


Trina is the business half of the Electric Pineapple duo. In an industry known for taking advantage of composers, artists alike. Trina is the 'David' always taking on 'Goliath' and fighting to stand up for the underdog; the creatives and the talent, to make sure they get the rewards, acknowledgement and respect for their hard work.  With her Quick thinking, determined and fearless approach she is fast becoming a recognised name in the music industry as a tenacious manager with uncompromising standards for fair treatment.


Together we stand for quality, integrity and fairness and are calling on composers and artists who relate to reach out.



Established in 2017 by Trina Smith and Andrew Kingslow, Electric Pineapple Media Group has developed a reputation as an internationally successful, high end media-music and artist development independent company. Home of artist development, including mentoring, agreements and campaigns. Artists will get access to some of the industries most sort after producers, composers, mix engineers and musicians.  We can help artists to fast track their music while achieving the highest possible standards for music that stand outs.

Electric Pineapple became a Record Label in 2018 with distribution via Sony, The Orchard in 2020. And in 2021 Electric Pineapple Publishing was born, supported by PRS & MCPS. Publishing and label representation is currently exclusive and by invite. We work alongside major labels including SONY and Universal and have had our music placed across numerous syncs in TV and film both in the UK and internationally.


If you are you an artist looking for representation and development, please download our Artist Checklist  to find out how you can work with us:

Are you a composer looking to produce high quality work with big labels? Download our Composer Checklist  and reach out so we can see how we can help.


In a world full of garage composers and musicians, it seems that everyone is chasing the expression and exposure from music. For Andrew, music was not a passion, it was not about being noticed, it was something that he could always hear. Some children run fast, others can learn languages without trying, as for Andrew, he picked up musical sounds, harmonies, and symphonies from a young age and this paved my way from a into the music industry.

In fact, at 17 he was featured in a BBC documentary on the theme of nature versus nurture because of his ability to play several instruments and his savant skills. His talent was noticed by Chethams School of music where he received a full scholarship in Music before completing a degree in percussion and piano at the Royal Northern College of Music; moving on from classical to jazz piano.

From playing piano and percussion with orchestras such as the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and Hallé Orchestra, to keyboard in West End shows like Blood Brothers and playing at live drum and bass nights in Manchester on synths and programming, Andrew’s experience mixed with his abilities make him the highly sought after composer he is today.

Andrew is now a multi-instrumentalist, prolific producer, performer and writer with a career spanning an incredible three decades. His music has travelled the globe, gone viral and received millions of streams. As a performer, he has toured the world and as a producer, he has delivered for the likes of Sony/ATV, Sony Records, EMI records, Universal, Sony Pictures plus countless other major and independent labels. He also composes and produces soundtracks for award winning film, television and advertising. He was the music composer of the CBeebies shows, Rastamouse, Apple Tree House, YolanDa’s Band Jam, and advertisements/syncs for Galaxy, DeLorean, Estee Lauder, Mentos (Top 20 most Viral Campaigns of 2016) and Microsoft being just some of his highlights.

Music uplifts, connects, expresses, Andrew doesn’t just care about how it sounds, he cares about how it makes the listener feel.  


This is an industry full of exploitation; creatives such as composers, artists and experienced professionals with brilliant musical minds are often overlooked due to limited contacts, confidence, or even lack of business knowledge. What I am passionate about is ensuring these creatives are given the chance to stand out. That the best person for the job is ‘the best person for the job’, no matter who they know or their race or gender. 

I care deeply that the people who are willing to reach into their souls and express their musical minds at the highest possible standards are given the chance and exposure to see their music live beyond them on TV, radio, online and more.

When asked, what I do, this is what I say...


Firstly, I am passionate about music. I value fair treatment and I love being part of something that adds joy and experience to the world. My job is to use my experience in my own company in the music industry and help different people from creatives to organisations to find the exact formula for the purest quality of music. My experience allows me to simplify, communicate and ensure everyone gets the very-best result.